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You will learn how to use Microsoft Office Access to design and create Access database Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports. You will also learn how to secure and optimize an Access database application.

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Practice excercises
  • Forum to collaborate and engage with course contacts and course takers.

Topics in Access Database
Unit0: Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Office Access (RDBMS)
  • Starting Access
  • Access Database objects
  • The Access interface
  • Customizing the access interface
  • The Backstage view

Unit1: Tables
  • Tables
  • Table design
  • Creating tables
  • Table relationships
  • Creating relationships
  • More on tables

Unit2: Forms
  • Creating forms
  • Forms and form design
  • More on forms

Unit3: Queries and Reports
  • Query design
  • Creating query
  • More query options
  • Reports

Unit4: Data, Performance and Security
  • Data Import and Export
  • Access database tools
  • Database Security

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Price: ₦ 18,000
Schedule: Open
Venue: Online
Duration: 5 Weeks
Enrollment: 10 Weeks
Certificate: On completion


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Instructor: Stephen Sani

I have helped many people learn to use data and related technologies and I am sure this course is a great learning experience with wholesome contents.

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